Durand Railroad Days Festival Home Page


Come join the fun at Durand's 43rd Annual Railroad Days!




This is open to area junior high and high school students from 6 a.m. until 8 a.m. on Thursday, May 17.

Experience that wonderful carnival atmosphere by riding the 80-foot high Giant Ferris Wheel, touching the sky on the 105-foot high Airflyer Swing Tower or chasing each other on Bumper Cars. Some other rides that will be part of this year’s carnival will be the Zipper, the Himalaya, the Carousel, NASCAR Speedway, Ring of Fire, the Bear, Dragon Wagon and Fun Slide; just to name a few.

Wrist bands will be available for a cost of $20 on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Saturday bracelets will be $25 for the entire day.

Session time periods are as follows:

Thursday, May 17 5 p.m.-Closing

Friday, May 18 5 p.m.-Closing

Saturday, May 19 11 a.m.-Closing (the wristband cost is $25 for Saturday)

Sunday, May 20 Noon-Closing

Complete your carnival experience by playing the games and savoring the food you can only get at a carnival midway.

Big Rock Amusements